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Building An Online Business

Why Online Business?

So, why should you start an online business?

Well, the answer depends on where you currently are in your life and where you want to be.

Perhaps one of the most exciting advantages of having an online business is it can allow you to create a better work/life balance or become more centred. Many of us working in traditional, 9 to 5 jobs, feel like we don’t have enough time to spend on the things we love. We drag ourselves out of bed in the morning and get ready to spend 8+ hours at a job we hate, only to come home exhausted, having no energy to spend on our hobbies or patience to deal with the ones we love.

Why do we do it? Perhaps we were not aware there was another option available to us. Or maybe we’ve just become trapped in the rat race. I took an office job straight out of Uni, I had bills to pay and wanted to buy a car, but before I knew it, I’d been working 4 years in a job I hated.

Learning to market products online allows you to break free of traditional jobs. You can work from anywhere you want so long as you have a laptop/pc and an internet connection. If you dream of a having laptop lifestyle, then go for it!

Customers are online

We shop online. There’s no denying it. We research products, compare prices and companies and make purchases from the comfort of our own homes. The internet doesn’t sleep, and people shop online 24 hours a day. Why not take advantage of it?

The internet is a powerful tool, enabling you to reach 1000s of people every day.

You can learn to tailor your marketing to a very specific set of people, this ensures the people visiting your website are interested in your product or the service your offering. So, you can keep costs down by being as efficient as possible with your marketing budget.

Anyone, of any age

It doesn’t matter how old you are, anyone can learn to start their own online business. Maybe you’re a student about to graduate but you still have no idea what you want to do. Maybe you’d like to work for yourself.

Maybe your retired and want to earn a little extra income so you can enjoy your retirement.

Or maybe you’re a stay at home mum looking for a way to boost your family’s income.

It doesn’t matter. Having an online business is flexible enough that it can work for anyone. So long as you’re willing to invest in yourself and take the time to learn the process.

Low set up costs

Setting up a website is not free. There are some costs involved, but I set up my business for less than £200 (around $260) and that included joining a learning platform with an amazing community of like-minded entrepreneurs. That is so much cheaper than joining a franchise that often ranges anywhere between $10,000 – $100,000+ !!

Online marketing also has relatively low maintenance costs and you can set your own budget for paid advertisements that you can scale up when you’re ready.

Enables you to get to know your audience

Online marketing is much more than just throwing an ad out there and watching the money roll in. Getting to know your audience through social media, email lists and blog posts, etc. is a big part of it. It helps you make decisions and target the right people. But don’t worry, you don’t need to be a social butterfly; you don’t need to cold call, or even actually speak to anyone at all if you don’t want to!

Learning to set up business accounts on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest can give you analytics about how well your posts are doing and there are plenty of free workshops out there to help you succeed in these areas.

It’s a great confidence booster

Things might not go right 100% of the time and you have to be willing to learn from your mistakes. But making your first sale online? Wow! You did it! And if you can make 1 sale, you can make 10, 100, 1000. Proving to yourself that you can do it is the 1st step and possibly one of the hardest. But do that, and it’s onwards and upwards from there!

You can learn to sell literally anything you want, whether it be an eBook/ eCourse or physical product – you don’t even need to worry about warehouse storage, companies such as Amazon Fulfilment can take care of that for you!

So, if you want to learn more about the program I used to get started with online marketing, just click here and sign up to get the FREE training videos sent straight to your inbox!

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