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The Value of a Moment

I recently came across this TED talk by Stephen Downey. He describes the difficulties he had following a bereavement and the steps he took to get his life back on track.

Stephen talks about the #100happydays challenge, taking a picture every day of something that makes him happy or that he’s grateful for, and I found his story really inspirational.

I struggle sometimes with my emotions and although I lost my mum 7 years ago, it still hits me hard somedays, I feel lethargic, weepy and unwilling to do anything.

So, I’ve decided to start my own #100happydays challenge and will be posting the photos on my Pinterest page to keep me on track. I’m hoping this challenge will help me on my continuous journey to becoming more mindful and concentrating on the things that I do have.

Fancy setting yourself a challenge? why not try the 100 happy days challenge and document your days. At the end of the challenge, you’ll have a bunch of photos to look back on and make you smile!

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