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Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone and Becoming Fearless

Are you up for a challenge?

…Good, because I challenge you to make a list of 5 things that you are going to do this year that make you uncomfortable.

Why should you do this?

Doing things that make us uncomfortable help us grow. As children, we are risk-takers its how we learn. As adults, we start to fear failure, so we stop trying new things. This can cause stagnation, and whilst we might be wishing certain things in our life would change, they won’t unless we take action and change something ourselves.

It could help your business. If you’re a business owner or thinking about starting your own online business, stepping out of your comfort zone could help you learn the essential skills to take your business to the next level. Want to create videos for Youtube, adverts, or social media but you’re afraid of getting in front of the camera? Try taking baby steps; show your friends the videos you’ve made or share them in a private Facebook group and ask for some feedback.

What things do you believe are worth doing, but you are afraid of doing yourself because of the potential for disappointment or failure?

I called my website The Fearless and Free, not because that’s who I already am, but because it’s who I want to be. I have a vision for my life that includes more adventure, challenging myself to try new things, having the opportunity to constantly be learning and to be financially free.

I’m only going to achieve this vision for my life If I step out of my comfort zone and do things that give me the opportunity to grow.

I’ve joined a group of likeminded individuals who are helping me to create a life I love, and if you want to learn more about how you can do the same, just click here.

The things that will push you out of your comfort zone may be completely different from what will push someone else. And that’s okay! Each person has had different life experiences and has a different personality, so the key is to identify what makes YOU uncomfortable and what will make YOU grow.

It may help if you fill in a Level 10 Life wheel. You use these to identify the key areas of your life or the things you value that you want to improve in some way. You label each slice of the wheel with that key area and starting from the middle colour in each level (0 – 10) depending on where you feel you are currently. I made a Level 10 Life wheel as part of my 2020 planner, you can download the wheel below or get my full planner here.

By identifying the areas of your life you want to improve you can delve deeper and think about what actions you can take to step out of your comfort zone and give yourself opportunities to grow in those areas.

So why should you step out of your comfort zone?

The answer to this is quite simple; if we stay inside our comfort zone, nothing changes, we’re not challenged, and we won’t grow. We get comfortable and life is easy. You may be thinking that an easy life sounds much simpler, and it is, but only in the short-term. By challenging yourself and facing the things that make you uncomfortable, you create the opportunity to shape yourself into a stronger, more confident and resilient individual that is able to face anything that life throws at you!

Below I am going to list the 5 things I should do in 2020 to be Fearless. As I said, these things will probably look completely different from the things on your list, but from where I am today I know these things will help me get to where I want to be.

5 Fearless things I should do in 2020:

1) Create Video Content – this is something I know I need to get comfortable doing in order to move my business forward, but I have all the usual anxieties about doing this, like what will I even say? Silly I know, and I’ve challenged myself to get over it this year!

2) Mastermind with other leaders – aka go to a meetup. I’m an introvert and whilst I like people, crowds can make me anxious and feel drained. I also have some insecurities about this that you’ll be able to read about soon because I’ve agreed to go to a meet up THIS WEEKEND, and if I convince myself to go I’ll write a quick post on it. – Update, see the post here.

3) Run a 10k by myself – last year I ran two 5k races with friends and we have a 10k race booked for the start of July. However, getting through the mental block I feel when running solo is important to me and the idea of being surrounded by 1000s of other runners who I don’t know terrifies me somewhat. So, I’m going to do it!

4) Get a facial and discuss my skin condition openly. These two things are linked for me as a facial would require me to speak to a specialist about my skin and not wear makeup in front of them! I also want to share my journey with dermatillomania this year, as I hope to help others with this condition.

5) Start sign language classes. Another one that makes me feel super uncomfortable. But this is a skill I’ve wanted to gain for a while. I am hard of hearing, not completely Deaf. However, my hearing has got progressively worse over the past 8 years and I don’t know (neither does my audiologist) how much worse it will get over the course of my life. So BSL is something I want to start learning now the thing that’s been stopping me? – I’m afraid I’ll suck at it!

I also have a list of 5 things I want to do that will take courage. These differ from the above as they do not necessarily make me uncomfortable or make me step out of my comfort zone. They are things that I am afraid to do for other reasons (like dying my hair pink! – I’ve wanted to do this for ages, but God knows what it will look like on my curls 😂).

If you want to share your 5 things below in the comments I’d love to hear them (if you want to keep them private that’s totally fine too!) and don’t forget if you want to learn more about how I started creating a life I love, just click here and sign up to get the very same FREE training videos I used.

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