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Opening an Etsy Store. A Journey to Becoming a Stay-at-Home Mum

Goal: Start an Etsy Store in 2022

This year I set myself a big challenge. I really don’t want to go back to my office job after my maternity leave ends in October so I’ve got 9 months to earn money at home so I can quit my day job and be a stay at home mum.

For me, this choice was easy. If I was to go back to work and put my baby in child care I’d only come home with £70 each week. Child care is EXPENSIVE! Plus I don’t want to be away from Olivia, every moment I spend with her feels precious. 

I’ve decided to document my progress on my blog as it may help other budding mompreneurs. If you’ve got any questions just drop a comment on this post or send me an email!

Why Etsy?

I’ll start by saying that get rich quick schemes don’t work. There is no overnight success. But if you put in the work it is 100% possible to earn a full income online, and do it within a few months. I might not be doing it myself yet, but I’ve seen it done by people I know and trust. So, why not you and me? 

I came to the realisation I wanted to run an Etsy store in a strange way. I have been part of this amazing online business training for a while and through their mentorship, I launched my very first product on Amazon. I used Etsy to help sell my Amazon product (I created an Etsy listing and manually fulfilled the orders on Amazon).

I love my product and it went okay…I completely sold out by Christmas 2021 but just about broke even. Plus selling on Amazon is a nightmare for newbies, there is so much behind the scenes stuff and when it goes wrong (which it often does) Amazon seller support really suck!

But my brief experience of Etsy was fabulous. The platform is easy to use. Ads are easy to run and the analytics are easy to access and understand. Plus it is cheap too. Each listing costs just $0.20 (£0.15) to put up which is way better than the £30+ per month I was being charged to have an Amazon Pro seller account. 

And just before Christmas, I came across some classes on Skillshare about selling digital products on Etsy and it just clicked, I thought “this is it, this is the way I want my eCommerce business to go”.

Selling Digitial Products on Etsy

The reason I want to sell digital products on Etsy rather than physical products is that with digital products you can create a passive income. Meaning that you do the work once – creating the digital product – then you upload it to Etsy and people buy the digital file. 

No hours spent creating physical products, no packaging, no storing materials and no shipping! Win!

Plus digital stuff actually sells on Etsy really well! Check out these YouTubers who have 6-figure businesses on Etsy:

If you need some ideas of what kind of digital products you could create then this video is worth a watch:

Creating a New Etsy Store

I came up with the idea of selling Birth Affirmation Cards on Etsy as I created my own and used them myself when pregnant with my little girl. I did the research and figured that I could sell these well enough on Etsy and other products within the motherhood/baby niche. And I can create them all in my favourite tool ever – Canva!

Research is vital. You need to make sure that whatever it is you want to sell on Etsy is actually selling. Are people already buying this item or something similar? You don’t need to reinvent the wheel, just choose a product that feels right to you and put your own creative spin on it! Tools like Marmalead and eRank can help you find products that people are actually searching for.

I wanted to launch my Etsy Store on 01/02/2022, I had the banners all made (created in Canva) products ready to be uploaded and listing photos done. But when it came to adding the listing I got an error saying my account had been suspended. Huh. 

Brand new store and suspended already. I reached out to customer support but several days later I still hadn’t had a reply other than it’d been passed onto a specialist team. After a quick google I found that this error happens sometimes. Perhaps it was the affiliate link I tried to use to sign up?

Instead of waiting around, I cleared my browsing cookies, chose a new store name and started again. 

So, Olivia Rose Prints Co was born on 06/02/2022

I feel like I need to add a time of birth and the weight here…

Please do check out my store. Have a mooch around and maybe hit the favourite button a few times 😉

Now I want to help you launch a store too. So I am going to create some blog posts to help you do just that. Starting with -> 

Everything I Know About How To Start An Etsy Store in 2022

Keep an eye out for that post coming very soon!

I’ll be adding a monthly update on this blog about my store, covering products that are doing well / not so good, finance reports and anything I’ve learnt along the way.


Are you considering starting an Etsy store? Or do you have any other online business ideas in the works? Let me know in the comments!

Ps. my secret weapon in getting organised creating products and launching a store whilst juggling a newborn? This amazing planner ⬇️

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