Getting Creative

Spring Drawing Challenge

I have another creative drawing challenge for you for Spring 2021 ! Test your skills and get out of your creative confort zone by taking part in this drawing challenge.

If you don’t want to draw you can absolutely follow this challenge by painting, modelling or creating digital art! use whatever you prefer or a mix of everything.

This drawing challenge is meant to inspire you and give you something to create for 28 days. No more staring at a blank page.

Spring is well and truly on its way. And what better way of celebrating the new season that with capturing it in your very own way. You may still be under lockdown but thats just a perfect excuse to get your pencils and brushes out.

I can’t wait to see what you create. Follow along on Instagram @thefearlessandfree and #fearlessartchallenge. Feel free to pop your Instagram handle in the comments below so I can see your creations.

Enjoy the challenge!

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