Our #lockdownlife

What does your life look like at the moment? a bit crazy probably!

If the days are starting to blend together I’ve got these tips for you:

  • Get up and go to bed at regular times
  • Plan your day each morning, make a list of the things you want to get done
  • Teach yourself a new skill – I’m currently learning how to use Filmora!
  • Make sure you spend some time away from screens, you’ll feel lethargic and tired if you use them all day.
  • Make sure you get some exercise in. Joe Wicks is running daily PE classes on his YouTube channel. There are also 1000s of other fitness videos to watch for free on YouTube.
  • Eat healthily and make sure you drink plenty of water, your body will thank you for it if you do become unwell.

And if you are currently loving your life, spending time at home and dreading going back to work ‘once this is all over’, have you considered that this could be what your life looked like permanently?

How much less stressed would you feel if you could spend your day as you like and earn a proper income from home? and better yet, a mostly passive income?

It is possible, and if you want to know how just sign up for our free online workshop where my mentor will show you exactly what is possible in the online space and how you can start living a life you love!

The video below is a short film about how #lockdownlife looks for us right now.

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