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Achievement hunter? How to level up in real life

Achievement-motivated people (who I call achievement hunters) constantly seek improvement and ways of doing things better. They look to improve their skills and lives in a way that is meaningful to them, but this high drive can be draining. In this post I’ll go over how you can get that sense of achievement in your life.

If you have this type of personality, you’ll know how difficult it is to do tasks you see no reward in, and how it feels to be constantly looking for ways to achieve what you want in life. Being stuck in a career with no growth or development is the worst nightmare for these individuals.

Note: People with this personality are not selfish, they can find just as much reward in working for charities and doing things to make others happy, as achieving something for themselves.

I’m a bit of a gamer and like to play PC games with my partner to relax. But I’m the sort of person who will check the unearned achievements on a game before playing (especially Civ 6) and choose which one to go for, otherwise what’s the point in playing? I do play for fun too, but a game is much more attractive to me if it has achievements because I like to get something for my time invested.

The same is true in real life. How many times have you spent ages on something only to get no reward at the end, how did that make you feel?… Pretty frustrated right?

People with this type of personality tend to be highly driven and can make great employees (if they like their job) because they work hard on a task to get the ‘achievement’ of completing it. However, if they don’t like their job they can easily become stressed and burnt-out. Having to consistently push themselves to keep going, to get that reward drains their energy (if you like your job you’re being driven by an internal desire, which is energizing).

When I first started my office job, I competed with myself to see how many accounts I could work in a day. It was fine at the beginning to keep me motivated at repetitive work, but as the weeks went by, I stopped caring. And the reason was I got no further reward, I realised that no matter how many accounts I got through, there’d be more to do tomorrow. No matter how hard I worked, I wasn’t being rewarded for it.

I started looking around for things I could learn at home and I tried some at home courses. After all the best part of a game is when you get to level up and gain new skills. It worked for a time until I started thinking that there was no point to these skills as they wouldn’t give me any reward (financially), and they wouldn’t help me create the life I wanted to be living, the only ‘reward’ I’d get would be validation from others aka bragging rights.

So, what should you do to feel like you’re levelling up in real life?

To level up in real life you need to do things that make you feel fulfilled and help you grow as a person. This is going to take a bit of inner work.

I’d suggest starting by doing these three things:

Create a vision board and get crystal clear on what your goals are, what you want to achieve in your life and what your ideal life would look like (feel like, sound like, and be like to live – make it deep).

Make a list of the things you want to change about yourself. Maybe you want to be a more patient person, have a better relationship with your spouse, strengthen friendships or become more confident. All these things will help you grow as a person.

Think about things you like doing, what is your passion? And what are you good at? These are not necessarily the same thing. You can be good at something you have no passion for. What thing lights you up? The thing that makes hours feel like minutes.

If you need some inspiration for creating a vision board check out my post on vision boards here.

A great way of tracking things you want to change about yourself (areas you want to level up) is by using a level-10 life chart. I’ve made one for you to download below. Just label the spokes of the wheel with the things you want to level up, i.e. ‘relationship with ….’ Colour each bar to the level you feel that area is currently at – this is based on level 10 being your ultimate goal/vision for that thing.

If you are stuck wondering ‘well what is my passion?’ there’s nothing I’m good at or particularly like doing. I can’t tell you what your passion is, it’s something you have to discover for yourself. But the book ‘Finding your Element‘ by Ken Robinson is a fantastic practical guide to finding your passion ‘Element’. So grab it on Amazon today.

So, you’ve done those three things, now what?

Well remember that I said to level up in real life you need to do things that make you feel fulfilled and help you grow as a person.

Look at the vision board you made, how are you going to achieve those goals? Make a detailed plan of the steps and milestones that are going to help you get there and put it into action. Don’t forget to celebrate the small wins along the way, this is super important for this personality type as it will keep you motivated.

To change things about yourself you need to have the opportunity to grow. This comes from being challenged. If something makes you uncomfortable (within reason) it’s a good indicator that you should do it. The idea of speaking live on a webinar sound terrifying? Great! do it and afterwards, you’ll get that sense of achievement and you would have levelled up in confidence. Nice work.

Doing something you love every day will help give you that sense of fulfilment. If you’ve got a hobby you love, something that you can spend hours on without getting bored, are you doing it every day? or at least every other day? if not, why not? If it’s a matter of time, money or freedom keep reading!

Take steps every day towards reaching the goals you set yourself. Seek out opportunities to grow as a person. Work on something you love daily. Do these three things and you’ll be well on levelling up your life and feeling fulfilled.

Do you like how you make money?

In other words, do you like your job? We spend so much of our adult lives working. If you’re unhappy at work you’re going to be spending a lot of your life in that unhappy state of mind. This tends to spill over onto other aspects of your life, like your partner or kids.

I like my job

Then have you considered the ways you can level up in work?

🏅 Try making some connections with your colleagues and peers.

🏅 Shadow someone and learn what they do and how it fits into your company.

🏅 Chat to your boss and make them aware that you would like to go for promotion, discuss the skills and experience you’ll need to advance.

🏅 Make sure you strive for a good work-life balance, there’s no point levelling up in work if you’re letting the rest of you life slide.

I don’t like my job

If you’re stuck in a career that doesn’t allow you to grow (get those achievements) or you’re sick of working hard everyday with no reward to show for it, maybe it’s time to move on. You’ve got some options here:

You could retrain, go back to school get some new qualifications, great for a short term hit of achievement endorphins and may let you apply for a job in a field you would enjoy. Unfortunately, getting more qualifications doesn’t guarantee you a job; you could retrain as an accountant and still end up working in the fast food business because you lack the ‘experience’ to do what you’ve trained in.



You could learn how to work for yourself.

  • Learn new skills
  • Work on your personal development (your list that you created earlier)
  • Achieve your ideal life (from your vision board)
  • Do something you love everyday (your passion)

That’s a whole lot of levelling up.

Staring an online business not as scary as it sounds and it’s not like you have to immediately quit your job and start a business that you don’t know will succeed.

Take your time to learn the skills, gather a network of like-minded entrepreneurs around you and when you’ve got the framework in place then you work towards replacing (and surpassing) your current income.

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You can choose to develop a business around your passion or something else that interests you. This will give you the time, money, and freedom to do something you love every day!

Just a small sample of what we offer:

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