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How to Create a Vision Board to Manifest Your Goals

So, what are the benefits of a Vision Board?

I love vision boards! I am a very visual person, and physically seeing my goals and plans every day helps to motivate me to do something that will help me achieve them.

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Vision boards have been shown to increase your motivation, productivity, focus and your chance of success. But did you know they can also make you happier and more creative?

You’re probably aware that what you think has a major impact on the way you feel. So, imagine looking at a board full of your goals and dreams every day, imagine how they make you feel. Go deep with this, what does attaining this dream life of yours look like? What can you smell? Hear? How do you feel?

It has been shown that when you think positive thoughts such as achieving your goals, having vacations, creating a successful business, etc. you will feel happy and positive.

You can also boost your creativity by looking at your vision board. Vision boards can make us feel happier, more relaxed and inspire us– the perfect combo to get those creative juices moving! The process of creating a vision board is also a creative exercise in itself. Write down a list of your goals and dreams, then use google or Pinterest (my favourite) to start compiling images. When you’ve got the images you’d like to use, arrange them in a way that is pleasing to you. See some ideas below.

Just remember, don’t just visualise having your ideal life. Visualise the work you need to do to achieve it. There’s no point just looking at your board and wishing it was reality. Put in the work. Things will not magically appear in front of you, even if you make a pretty board.

Before you start, think about the following things:
  • Your values
  • Career goals
  • Affirmations (if you like to use them)
  • Your Health and wellness
  • How you like to spend your free time
  • Places you want to go
  • What you want to learn
  • Your love and family life

*Remember: You can use words and images on your Vision Board


Types of Vision Boards


This is one of the most obvious types of vision board you can make. It’s also pretty cheap and you can move it about from place to place if you need to. Just grab a pinboard, some push pins, and your images – you can print these or cut them out from magazines.


Here’s the vision board I made for this year, I’ve also included my ‘Word of the Year’ and it sits above my PC desk.

Similar to a pinboard, a poster is also a vision board you can stick up on your wall or door. You’ll need a large piece of paper or card – think A2 or A1 size – your images and some way to stick them down. You can use glue, but I prefer to use double-sided sticky tape, there is less mess and the images won’t ‘bubble’. You could also break your goals down into sections or themes and make a smaller poster for each one!


My favourite, and possibly the quickest way to make a Vision Board. Head over to Pinterest and create an account if you haven’t got one already. Create a board on your profile and name it ‘My dream life’ or whatever you want. Then use the search bar on the homepage to find images that represent your goals and ‘pin’ them to your board. If you don’t want others to see your board, just set it to ‘Private’ in the board settings.

You could even create several boards, one for each goal for example, ‘My dream body’, ‘Places I’d like to visit’, ‘Entrepreneur goals’.

The only downside of this method is that you must visit the website to view your board, or do you? After creating my Pinterest board a little while ago, I took print screens of the board and set them as my desktop background, that way I saw my ‘vision board’ each time I logged into my PC. You could also print these screenshots out and stick them to your walls, voila! a ready-made vision board, no cutting or sticking required!

Word Document

Another super easy approach. Open a word doc, grab your images from the web and paste them into the document, resizing them as needed. Done!


How about an entire folder of your dreams? This one might require a bit more work, a folder and poly pockets. But the result would be a highly detailed compilation of your goals to motivate you every time you flip through it.

To create one of these folders I’d recommend using a piece of card as a base as it’s a bit sturdier. You can either print your images directly onto the card like in the word doc method above or print them on paper, cut them out and stick them to each sheet.

Each sheet will be a goal you set for yourself or a dream you have. You can use images, words and quotes on these pages to motivate you to move towards your dream. You could even get extra creative and add little drawings or use some fancy pens and glitter!


Wow! Okay, so I’ll have to do this one. If you have the space and your other half won’t kill you for it, you could dedicate a whole wall in your house to your goals. You can really use your creativity here.

Paint images or words directly onto the walls. Use photo frames to hang pictures or prints. Create an entire mural covered in photographs. You could even include a little whiteboard to write down the daily to-dos that will help you move towards achieving your goals.

You could even consider ordering some of these magnetic wall shapes. You can swap your images around and add to your collection as you go.

Photo Fairy Lights

Okay so If creating an entire wall is not in your budget, how about some of these clever little fairy lights? They look so pretty, and you can change the images out as often as you want.

I hope you enjoy making your vision board(s), let me know how it went in the comments and remember,

Positive thinking only works when it’s combined with positive action.

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