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The Best DIY Pinecone Crafts To Make Your Home Warm and Cosy

The Best DIY Pinecone Crafts You Can Make This Autumn

Are you looking for some ideas for what to do with all those pinecones you’ve been gathering? Kids (and adults) love gathering pinecones in the Autumn, but often they just sit there unused, unloved until they start to rot, or leak bugs eek! So why not do something with them? Below you will find a ton of easy DIY pinecone crafts that you can do to make your home beautiful this autumn.

Before you start crafting with your pinecones it’s a good idea to prep them first! this will prevent the moisture from causing them to rot and kill off any nasty creepy crawlies. Find a how to prepare your pinecones guide here.

P.s You can find a tutorial for each DIY pinecone craft linked underneath the image!

Tools you might need before you start:
  • A hot glue gun
  • Glue dots
  • Styrofoam wreath or foam blocks
  • Brown string
  • Glitter
  • Small Pliers
  • Paint
  • Pinecones!

DIY Pinecone Wreath

Starting with one of the most obvious, well-loved pinecone crafts – the wreath. Pinecone wreaths do not just have to go on your front door. They look great inside too, either on a door or hanging on a wall, maybe above your dining table. For these DIY pinecone wreaths, it’s a good idea to collect both large and small pinecones, the smaller ones act as great gap fillers and add interest to the wreath.

Find a super easy tutorial on how to make a pinecone wreath here.

Creative Pinecone Flowers

Create the perfect autumn bouquet that will last more than just a few days. Fill a vase with pinecones, twigs and other autumn finds. You can leave the pinecones natural or paint them to add some colour and match your home decor.

Pinecones also add fabulous texture to a bouquet of warm autumn blooms, simply attach a few to some twigs using your glue gun and pop amongst the flowers.

Check out this wonderful tutorial on creating a vase of pinecone ‘flowers’ using a glue gun and some wooden skewers!

DIY Bleached Pinecones

How pretty are these white pinecones? You can achieve this look in one of two ways – You can bleach the pinecones or your can paint them white! They’re perfect if the traditional warm brown doesn’t quite go with your home decor or you just want to lighten up the look. Adjust the hue of pure white paint with a little warm yellow paint to make the colour more warm & natural. Diluting the paint will also make it easier to use and give a more natural look to the pinecones.

Try adding bleached Pinecones to any of the other DIY Pinecone craft projects on this page.

DIY Pinecone Table Decor

There are so many ways you can use pinecones to add an autumn touch to your table. Whether your entertaining this autumn or a fancy set table just makes you happy, try some of the ideas below for unique natural table decor!

Learn how to make Cute Pinecone Place Settings, or a Simple Pinecone Table Garland.

Pinecone Candle Holder

There are a few ways you can turn pinecones into candle holders and depending on the size of the pinecones they can hold tealights or tapers. Just be careful not to leave them where kids or pets could knock them, pinecones are flammable.

You can get around the flammable issue by decorating a glass tealight holder like in the picture below. To achieve this look all you need are some pinecones, a glass tealight holder, a glue gun and some pliers. Use the pliers to pull the scales carefully out of the pinecone. Glue the scales onto the glass tealight holder. To get the overlapping look, work top to bottom, using the smaller scales towards the top of the holder and the larger scales towards the bottom.

Click to learn how to make pinecone taper holders from The Inspiration Board.

Painted Pinecones

Now DIY pinecone crafts don’t get easier than this! All you need is your clean, dried pinecones and some paint. But look how pretty the effects can be. The painted pinecones can be dotted around your home, or placed around your fireplace for instant autumn feels.

Or why not use them as part of another pinecone craft project? painted pinecones look great amongst flowers in a vase, or as part of an autumn wreath. You could also use them when creating pinecone animals (see below).

The quickest way to paint a pinecone? Try spray paint!

If you need some tips on how to paint pinecones check out this tutorial.

Scented Pinecone Firestarters

If you’re lucky enough to have a real fireplace in your home, or you’re escaping to a beautiful cabin complete with log fire for the weekend, why not try these scented DIY pinecone firestarters?

Find out how to make these firestarters from Something Turquoise who suggests using them as wedding favours! I think that’s a brilliant idea!

Easy Pinecone Vase

Again, another super quick, super easy autumn craft that you can create in minutes and display all those lovely pinecones you’ve collected. Try adding some fairy lights to the vase for some extra Hygge (battery-powered ones work well).

DIY Pinecone Tree

To create these DIY pinecone trees you’ll need some styrofoam or foam blocks. Try wrapping florists wire around the base of each pinecone, leaving a ‘stick’ and poke them into the foam block. Easy right?

These trees look great as a centrepiece or on your window ledge. Get an easy to follow tutorial here.

Pinecone Garlands

DIY pinecone garlands can take a bit of time to make and can use a LOT of pinecones, but they are so worth it when you see the finished result. Remember, fairy lights make everything better so go ahead and add some to your garland. These garlands also make great Christmas decorations so you can keep them on your mantlepiece for months!

Don’t have a fireplace? Try hanging garlands on your stairs bannister or on the wall using some command hooks.

Check out this post by Lavender Home Front to learn how to make the perfect pinecone garland.

DIY Pinecone Craft Animals

When searching for DIY pinecone crafts that I could make this year, I came across all these adorable pinecone animals! Look how cute they are! Maybe this one is more for the kids, but there’s no harm in letting out your inner child and making them yourself.

You’ll need a few extra things for this craft – coloured felt, some feathers and googly eyes would work well,

Empress of Dirt has a great tutorial for pinecone animals, the little owl is particularly cute.

Pinecone Bird Feeder

Pinecone crafts don’t just have to look pretty, they can have a practical purpose too. Creating a pinecone bird feeder is really satisfying and if you hang them in your back garden you get to watch the birds (or squirrels) from the comfort of your toasty home.

The best bit? you can whip these up in about 10 minutes! all you need is some large pinecones, peanut butter, twine and birdseed.

Grab the tutorial here.

Looking for even more Pinecone Crafts?

Check out the ultimate list of Christmas Pinecone Decorations and transform your home into a winter wonderland! (coming soon)

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Be sure to let me know what Pinecone Crafts you make this year in the comments below. Got more Pinecone craft ideas that I haven’t included above? let me know below!

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