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Alcohol Marker Art Inspiration

Are you looking for some serious Alcohol Marker Inspiration?

Keep reading because this list of incredibly talented alcohol marker artists will hopefully give you hundreds of ideas and inspiration for your next alcohol marker project. These marker artists each have their own unique style and you can follow them all on Instagram (links below).

What kind of Alcohol Marker art do you want to produce?

I LOVE alcohol markers because they are so versatile! From beginner to professional alcohol ink markers are the perfect tool to make your art pop. They are super easy to use and if you get a good set, you can easily blend and layer colours to get the look you want with none of that streakiness that you get from normal felt tip pens.

Here’s a quick list of ideas for ways you can use alcohol markers:

  • Illustrations
  • Product design
  • Fashion design
  • Anime
  • Colouring books
  • Backgrounds
  • Stamping
  • Card making
  • Calligraphy
  • and more…

You will notice that a lot of the artists below are using Copic markers, but don’t let that put you off if you don’t have any (they’re notoriously expensive). There are other much cheaper, but still high-quality alcohol marker alternatives out there. We even make our own alcohol markers that you can buy right now on Amazon – Fearless Art Alcohol Markers. ⬇️

Fearless Art Alcohol Markers – Pack of 80 Vibrant colours plus a bonus pack of 9 fineliner pens.

10 Alcohol Marker Artists to Inspire You

1. Food Illustrations with Alcohol Markers

Alla Seleznova (@polar.bear.sketches) is a very talented artist who creates some wonderful alcohol marker art. I particularly like the food sketches she does with alcohol markers, the detail is amazing and they look good enough to eat! So if you want some mouth-watering alcohol art inspiration make sure you check out her Instagram page!

2. Capturing the day in Alcohol Markers

Normal, everyday areas can suddenly look amazing when recreated with alcohol markers. Imagine filling up a sketchbook with images like this 👇🏻 Beautiful sun-dappled steps and relaxing water scenes by @inna_artlove .

3. Architectural Inspiration

Many professional designers and architects use alcohol markers to bring colour and life to their sketches. Just check out @Archi_sketches below who creates stunning sketches of buildings and interiors using alcohol markers with fineliners to add in that extra detail. Grab a set of alcohol markers with fineliners here.

4. Anime Alcohol Marker Art

If drawing in the anime style is more your thing, check out Sara Fabrizi (@sarafabrizi) who creates some very colourful, very pink anime using alcohol markers.

5. Cute and Whimsical Alcohol Marker Art

I just love Mindy Saenz’s  (@mindy.baxter) style. Her alcohol marker art is just so bloody cute and instantly inspires me to grab my markers. This style of alcohol marker art would look great on handmade cards or even as a larger piece for a nursery! Mindy also runs Copic marker courses online, so if you’re interested check out her account.

6. Creating an Art Journal with Alcohol Markers

I recently bought Samantha Dion’s Draw Your Day book after seeing her work on Instagram. Everyday items and events easily become works of art when you take time to document them. The resulting artwork is unique to you and tells a story, and by reflecting on your day and choosing what to draw you get a bit of mindfulness practice in too! Artist Polina (@polinatje.draws) creates very detailed illustrations of the little things that interest her and her style reminds me a lot of the ‘draw your day’ journalling style. She’s very talented at drawing animals and even uses her alcohol markers to create little stickers!

7. Alcohol Markers for Product Design

Looking for more alcohol marker inspiration? Alcohol markers are not just for creating pretty illustrations, they can serve a very practical purpose too. Designer Marius Kindler (@marius.kindler) is a German designer and illustrator and colours his products using alcohol markers. The results are beautiful!

8. Making Cards with Alcohol Markers

Alcohol markers are perfect for colouring in stamped designs and making cute little greetings cards. Make cards for friends and family or create an entire business selling unique, hand-crafted cards using your alcohol markers! @mayrasdesigns has done just that and her cards are adorable. If you want more alcohol marker inspiration particularly for cards, be sure to follow her account!

9. More Alcohol Marker Inspiration

Alcohol markers can be used for so many styles of artwork. Jenny (@psyjennya) has a unique fun style to her artwork, creating images that are both very lifelike and of her own imagination. Her account is a great one to follow for those looking for some alcohol marker inspiration.

10. Realistic Alcohol Marker Art

I’ve saved the best til last! With time and practice, you can use alcohol markers to create truly beautiful works of art. Russian Artist, Katerina Kurtakova’s ( work is so good that you just want to step into her pictures Mary Poppin’s style. It’s the ability to layer and blend alcohol markers seamlessly that adds depth and detail to work like Katerina’s so if you are going to follow any marker artists on Instagram for inspiration, I’d definitely pick her account!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this round-up of amazing alcohol marker artists and have found some inspiration along the way. Be sure to give some of their accounts a follow and if you know any more talented marker artists be sure to share them in the comments below!

If you’re looking for more inspiration for things to draw with your alcohol markers then check out my post of 200+ creative prompts or try one of the drawing challenge’s I’ve created for the times you’re stuck staring at a blank page!

And if you still need to purchase a set of art markers, don’t forget our Fearless Art Alcohol Markers come in a pack of 80 vibrant colours and are great value with the bonus back of fineliners that are included. You can pick them up at Amazon here.

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