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20 Autumn Crafts To Help You Embrace The Season

Can you feel it? It’s almost Autumn!

Crisp mornings, crunchy leaves, sweaters, hot chocolate! What’s not to love?!

To help you embrace the season, practice mindfulness and get that hygge feeling, I’ve created a list of crafts you can make this Autumn.

Remember, pumpkins are not just for Halloween, see some really cute decorative ideas you can have a go at below.

Pinecone Wreath

There are a few ways you can create a pinecone wreath to hang on your door or wall, just head over to Pinterest for a heap of inspiration. Remember to bake your pinecones before using them in crafts, it gets rid of the creepy crawlies, stops them rotting and gives them a nice sheen.

Source: Etsy

Painted Leaves

This one is not just for kids, although you can get them involved if you want to! Try doodles, or more complex scenes, metallic paint pens work particularly well.

Hello Fall / Autumn Sign

A nice way to welcome autumn. If you can’t get hold of any blank signs, try to find a cheap wooden sign, they’re often blank on the reverse. I did this when making my partners ‘Man Cave’ sign, it was originally a ‘Bridal Party’ sign from Home Bargains!

If you manage to get hold of a wooden sign, pyrography would work pretty well on this project!

Image source: Flamingotoes

Pumpkin Mason Jars (for sweeties)

How sweet are these jars? super simple to make too. Perfect for filling with sweets or biscuits, pop them on your kitchen counter for some instant Autumn feels.

Image source: The 36th Avenue

Leaf garland

Use a needle and thread to sow leaves into a garland. Hang it over your mirror, fireplace or along your staircase.

If you use faux leaves this garland can be used year after year.

You can also spray paint the leaves to change up the look.

Image source: Scincerly Sara D

Leaf Shaped Biscuits

If you fancy a bit of baking, these autumn-themed biscuits do the trick. You just need some leaf-shaped biscuit cutters and some food dye. I use the BBC’s basic biscuit recipe and pop the cut shapes in the fridge for 10 mins before baking as it helps them keep their shape.

If you can only get the food dye in the primary colours, you can make orange from red + yellow, and purple from red + blue.

I made these biscuits last autumn to take to Scotland on our camping trip!

Foliage Mobile

Dry out some small autumn leaves to make this eye-catching mobile. It can be hung indoors or out on a porch.

Take an embroidery hoop and wrap it in brown string to make the ring. Use thread and a needle hand the leaves and add a little pine cone at the end of each strip to add a bit of weight.

Pyrography Log Chips

pyrography feels really autumny to me, perhaps it’s the log chips you create your pieces on. If you need a pyrography set you can pick them up on Amazon for about £30.00.

You can make a cute sign like the one below, or go all out and create some pyrographic woodland creatures (you can use a template).

Pumpkin Spice Candles

There is something wonderful about the scent of pumpkin spice, it always makes me smile. I bought a pumpkin spice candle from a store last year and it was the one that got lit most often as I was so in love.

This year I’m hoping to try making my own candles and these guys have several recipes for pumpkin spice candles!

Origami Pumpkin Garland

A simple yet effective garland like this one can be displayed anywhere in your home. The tutorial from Mypoppetmakes is really easy to follow too.

Decorative Pumpkins

There are so many things you can do with pumpkins and you’re bound to find something to suit your decorative style. We’re often a bit limited with the size and variety of pumpkin we can get here in the UK, but you can order some online, or even use faux ones!

Old Can Tea Light Holders

These tea light holders would make a great centrepiece or look great on your mantlepiece. After cleaning the cans, fill them with rice and water and freeze solid. Attach the template to the can using masking tape and then use a nail and hammer to punch around the edges of the template.

Defrost in warm water, and use spray paint to paint the inside first (below is done with metallic gold) and then once that’s dry, turn them upside down and spray with a colour of your choice. See the full tutorial here.

Autumn Scene Painting

Not exactly autumn craft but, if you like to paint you can easily update the look of any room by painting an autumn scene and framing it. Watercolour or gouache are my favourite mediums, but the bold colours from acrylic can work really well in autumn paintings.

Leaf Clay Dishes

For these little leaf dishes, you just need leaves, clay and metallic paint. Sculpd do packs of clay and their community on Instagram is full of inspiration.

The full tutorial for these little clay dishes is here.

Autumn Leaf Lights

Another leaf garland idea, but this one uses fairy lights to bring the colours to life during those cosy evenings in. The tutorial can be found here!

Leaf Window Decorations

Even easier than the garland above, once the leaves have dried stick them directly to the window for some instant autumn decoration!

Twig Candle Holders

There are loads of these twig candle holders on Pinterest, probably because they’re really easy and quick to make and they look great. The perfect autumn craft. You can leave the twigs bare or spray paint them before attaching them to the glass candle holder.

Image source:

Felt Leaf Coasters

Beth at created these felt coasters, aren’t they cute! and there are so easy to make. You could have a go at other autumn shapes too. Find the tutorial here.

Autumn Centrepiece

We don’t do Thanksgiving here in the UK, but a beautiful table decoration can be used at any time of the year to bring some seasonal cheer. Try mixing textures and colours, add some unscented candles for the cosy factor.

Image source

Autumn Photo Collage

Super easy to do this one, just grab your camera and start snapping. It’d be even easier if you have one of those instant print cameras, but after taking your photos, upload to your PC, add an autumnal filter (optional) and print. You can then arrange the snaps on your wall or a corkboard.

Just take photos of anything that catches your eye that has that autumn feeling; cosy boots, hot chocolate, leaves, trees, a squirrel in the park are all good!

And lastly…

I hope you enjoyed these autumn crafts. Remember, plenty of fairy lights and autumn scented candles dotted around your home will help up the cosy factor. Just think of all the lovely Instagram worthy photos you’ll be able to take!

Looking for Autumn drawing inspiration? Check out this post.

or if photography is more your thing, here is an awesome autumn photography challenge.

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