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12 Date Nights You Can Have at Home!

Regular date nights can help you feel more connected to your significant other and helps keep the romance alive. These 12 date ideas are easy to organise, won’t break the bank and you can do them all without leaving the house. Some might require a setting up, so plan ahead!

Casino night

The theme is Red and black, so dress up for your partner and grab the pack of cards. There are plenty of card games for 2 players, don’t worry if you don’t know any just google the rules and have fun learning together.

Card games for 2 people:

  •     Rummy
  •     Blackjack
  •     War
  •     Speed
  •     Double solitaire

Make some shots to have after each round of drinks, you can use anything you have in the house –even gin!

Make sure you’ve got snacks, bonus points if they match the theme. If you want to go the extra mile, try baking some biscuits iced in red and white.

You don’t have to gamble but adding stakes can make the games more intense. I created some cards with prizes on, the winner of the game gets the prize card and can redeem it at any time. Make your own or print out the ones I made below

Hobbycraft date

Order a project from Hobbycraft (or another craft store) and have fun creating together. You could try anything; scrapbooking, decoupage, model making, painting or canvas colouring.

Teach me something

Ask your partner to teach you something. Give them plenty of warning so they’ve got time to think and plan something out. My partner is a math’s teacher, but he wasn’t allowed to teach me maths – that’s cheating! He taught me some card tricks instead.

Home cinema

A super easy one. Make some popcorn and grab some sweets. Pop on a DVD or rent a film from an online store such as YouTube. Bonus points for creating a concession stand and tickets.

Book night

You and your partner both choose a book, find a comfy spot in your home and light some candles to get that hygglig feeling. Take it in turns to read chapters of your book out loud to your partner. If it’s a non-fiction book you could discuss any points that come up after each chapter.

Themed Dinner

A great one for foodies! Chose a cuisine and get cooking. We chose Italian and made our own pizza and carbonara. Stick on a playlist (here’s our Italian one from Spotify) and light the candles. We went to Italy in 2017 so I created a slideshow of photos from our trip and had them playing whilst we ate, it brought back wonderful memories for both of us.

Quiz night

You don’t have to go to the local pub to enjoy a quiz night. There are 1000s of downloadable quizzes online that you can try with your partner, you could even grab a book of quizzes from Amazon.

Or create your very own quiz each and give it to your partner. Your quiz can have a couples round where you ask your partner questions about you and your relationship. And don’t forget the munchies.

Gardening day

Set aside a day to do some gardening together. Even tedious chores can be more fun when working together and you’ll get the opportunity to chat and catch up. Discuss your plans for your garden space and get to work.

If you want to add some plants you don’t even need to leave the house, there are websites that deliver plants right to your door (just order them ahead of time).

Garden picnic

After all that hard work making your garden look pretty, why not enjoy it. If the weathers nice grab a blanket and make/buy some picnic food to enjoy in your very own outdoor space.

You could even do this one at night and turn it into a stargazing session!

Spa night

Put together a spa kit with moisturiser, oil, facemasks & Mani/Pedi equipment, light the candles and take it in turns to pamper each other. You could start the evening off with a nice relaxing bubble bath for two, complete with a glass of cucumber water.


You might not think this one is a date but setting some time aside to get those jobs done can actually make you feel really good and productive. Afterall putting up shelves and flatpacks is often a 2-person job. Plus once the jobs complete you’ll get to enjoy your new space together.

We re-did our box room into a ‘man cave’ complete with bean bags and the Xbox.

Funny video compilation

Another super easy one, and it’s Free! Create a joint playlist on YouTube (learn how here) and add any funny videos to the list. Don’t watch them yet, just both keep adding them to the list and once you’ve got a couple of hours’ worth, settle down and prepare to giggle.

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